Ski Trip to Bend, OR

Skiing has been a HUGE part of my life since I was tiny. (2.5 years old, to be exact!) I skied mostly at Mt. Hood as a kid, but my family and I checked out lots of other great mountains such as Sun Valley (Idaho), Jackson Hole (Wyoming), and Mt. Bachelor (Oregon). I was on Ski Team throughout high school and college, and skied at lots of other amazing spots on the West Coast as well.

Being up on the mountain with my skies strapped to my feet invigorates me, and not just because of the crisp air. It is an activity that incorporates my favorite things: exercise, challenging myself, spending quality time with my loved ones, meeting new people, and adapting to changing conditions. Ok, I may like adrenaline a little bit too 🙂

Through the years, Mt. Bachelor has been a consistent favorite of mine, mostly because when the snow is good, it’s ridiculous.  Nate, my husband, had never been skiing at Bachelor. His first experience was pretty good, I think…we skied in 9″ of fresh powder this past Sunday! It. Was. Amazing.

All I had on me was lip balm and ID; I left my phone and camera at home. This was my first time up this year, and I wanted to just enjoy and be in the moment. As a photographer, sometimes I can get so caught up in capturing “the shot” through a lens that I forget to just stop and enjoy it through my own eyes. So, no ski pics here. However, I could not let this beautiful snowy morning pass me by! So I packed up my camera, clicked on my 50mm, and had myself a nice walk with my other half.

We stayed at the perfect little River Gem Bungalow for 3 nights. We also hit up 10 Barrel, Deschutes Brewery, and Jackson’s Corner for some tasty drink and food.  What a great trip, we can’t wait to move there…errrr…go back 🙂


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