Newborn: Baby Matthew

Introducing Matthew! Can you believe his lips?!  This little guy was SO good during our shoot. He only needed soothing a few times- and it was glaringly obvious he was happiest while surrounded by Oregon Duck gear 🙂 You might recognize his parents, Tiphani and Justin, from their Maternity shoot back in April.

Documenting both maternity and newborn shoots for Tiphani and Justin was very, very special to me. As I was creating this blog post, I thought back to our conversations during their Maternity shoot. I remember hearing them talk (and guess) about the sex of their baby, the nursery, and Justin’s excellent caregiving skills during Tiphani’s…shall we say…”challenging” food requests and aversions 🙂

What a joy to photograph Matthew, knowing the amount of love, planning, laughter, tears, and love (did I say that already?) that went into preparing for his arrival. From the few hours I spent with them documenting Matthew’s very first days, it was obvious that they have already settled into life as a family. Congratulations, Tiph and Justin, on your very handsome son. Welcome to life as a family of three!


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  1. As I mentioned earlier, baby pics absolutely melt my heart. Matthew is perfect and his full little lips are so precious. His parents def did good!! Once again, great job Sonja!!! Every single pic had me saying ‘AWWW, LOVE’!

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