Baby Emma //1 Month New// Seattle, WA

The first little smiles!! Compassionate, sweet, loving, silly, quiet, laid back,  kind–these are words I use to describe the flow and mood of this recent shoot. They are also words that perfectly describe this family. A little about them: Mom is an incredible artist from Czech Republic. (Side note- I have a piece hanging in my home and, no joke, it stops people in their tracks when they come in the front door).

Baby Emma is one month old with super duper chubby cheeks. She is a dead ringer for her Dad at that age- but she does have Mama’s lips.

Big Brother Ben could not be prouder. He was constantly kissing Emma, soothing her when she was upset, and telling her he loved her. Also, like the true little boy he is, he loved to make fart noises, hide from me, stick out his tongue and generally be a goofball.  Bigger brother Ethan was out of town during this shoot. Dang! Maybe next time.

This is  Ben trying to soothe Emma.  Sweet, sweet, sweet. 

Thank you for swinging by 🙂


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