Vacation // Mt.Adams, WA //McCall, ID

Pack your stuff, my husband said- we’re going camping on our way to Idaho.

No, I will not tell you where.

What a pristine, serene surprise.

Takhlakh Lake, Washington.

Next we drove to McCall, Idaho. My husband’s grandmother has had a cabin there since the mid 1970’s. This will be the family’s last time at the cabin- it is in the final stages of being sold.


Naps/Reading in the Sun



Hilarious YouTube videos that are now inside jokes

Ice Cream and Mood Rings

Friendly competition among the golfers, including a $10 “Grand Prize” AND, most importantly, a speech by the losers hailing the winners as superior beings, etc. etc. The speech also may have doubled as a roast.

Jumping/Cartwheeling/Flipping/Cannonballing off the dock (note: no photos were taken. I was too busy napping and/or reading)

Time spent laughing, lots of laughing, with wonderful family who we see much too infrequently

Welcome to Hunt Cabin

McCall Golf Course

The famous McCall Margarita (sold at the turn on the golf course)

And let’s not forget the evening entertainment our dog, Lucy, provided with her kangaroo-like antics while playing with other dogs on the beach. However, her crowning achievements were both retrieving AND swimming! Maybe she is actually a Labrador…

“ the End, all that really matters isn’t the things you did, but what its effects are today, not the knowledge you have learned, but how you applied it, not the words that were said, but how they made you feel, and most of all, not the moment of occurrence, but how its now just a part of our memory.. Everyday, we make memories.. Let’s paint lives with happy ones..”



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