M+C + Baby McG // Lifestyle Maternity //Seattle, WA

Also starring Little Reeses the dog 🙂

Mel and Chris are friends of ours who we don’t see nearly often enough, so when Melissa contacted me about Maternity Photos back in June, I was thrilled. I asked her what she was looking for and she said “Don’t make me stand there and do the traditional ‘hand in a heart shape over belly-type’ photographs”. I knew immediately we were a good fit not only as friends, but for making photos together.

Melissa is SO HAPPY- she laughs allllll the time. Especially at Chris- he has a very sharp sense of humor which kept me laughing too. She is a gorgeous, happy pregnant Mama and they both seem so excited for the arrival of their little man. Seeing as how I am only 6 weeks behind her in my pregnancy, we had A LOT to talk about!

Chris was a trooper- taking pictures is his FAVORITE thing in the world (please note extreme sarcasm), but I think it was made better by a few happy details:

1) He got to make fun of me a little bit (ok, it was probably a lot)

2) He got to wear orange (representing his Illinois roots)

3) We ended with food (wait, maybe it was me that was so excited about this one…..)

I am so honored Mel and Chris chose me to document such a special time in their lives. Trust me when I say I am acutely aware that preparing for your first baby is a quiet, special time that will never come again. So thanks, Mel and Chris, for letting me spend a few hours with you guys.

Thank you for stopping in and please contact me if you are interested in a lifestyle  maternity shoot in your home, favorite coffee shop, park, boat, backyard, wherever!  


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