Baby J: Newborn // Lifestyle // Seattle, WA

Do you recognize Mel, Chris and Reese’s from their maternity shoot back in September?

Introducing Baby J- their brand new son. He is 6 days old in these photos.

Congratulations, Mel and Chris- you guys are rocking this new parent thing already. (Ha! See what I did there? I know, I’m punny.)


……and then this happened……guess he doesn’t dig hats?

I have to say though, I didn’t feel too bad laughing since Mel and Chris were laughing right along with me. Newborn squishy red angry face is pretty hilarious, after all 🙂

I spy with my little eye…..

a tiny, sleeping miracle.

mastering the art of the swaddle

Natural, sincere, heartfelt, lighthearted, and honest. These are qualities I hope are reflected in the photos I take, but, more importantly, the person I am. These are also the qualities of the clients I want to work with.

Chris and Mel are those friends/clients, and showed me how, truly, easy it is when everybody is on the same page.

The energy of this shoot was absolutely perfect. Chris was (as usual) cracking jokes, Melissa, though tired, was smiling and laughing, yet there were some beautiful quiet moments where they forgot I existed and just spent time together. It was a perfect mix of interacting with them and stepping back into the shadows, so to speak.

Ahhhh. These guys were a breath of fresh Seattle fall air. Thank you, Mel and Chris, and huge congratulations on your son!  I think Reeses the dog properly expresses everybody’s happy feelings about the arrival of Baby J…see below 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!


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