Baby E: Miracle // Lifestyle Family // Seattle, WA

Bear in mind as you read that this is a post I have been sitting on for weeks. I start writing and nothing feels right- no matter what comes to mind it does this family’s hardships, triumphs, and progress no justice whatsoever.

Baby E was born in late May, roughly 4 months early, and weighed only 1 lb., 7 oz. She was 12 inches long. In this last month she has been transitioned off of her feeding tube and constant oxygen. She is a healthy, mellow, observant little baby with the most beautiful blue eyes.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day, a time where people reflect on for what we are most thankful. This little family came to my mind- and I realized that in the short time I spent with them during our shoot that the action of being thankful, in addition to the emotion of feeling thankful, was overwhelmingly present in the interactions they had.  It took me a long time to figure out what name to put on this unique action and emotion so obviously present, since it is so unique. What a blessing that was to observe.

Thank you, Maren and Justin, for introducing me to Baby E, letting me be the one to take your first family photographs, and for showing me what it means to live, not just feel, true thankfulness. Continual blessings, health, happiness, and growth are things I wish for you in the coming year and I can’t wait to see how Baby E grows and changes!



  1. Sonja, This is a very special young couple and, now, young family. I believe they are destined to share much with many! Thank you for capturing them so well in your photography!!! I will cherish these photos!! I am a very close family friend……

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