Personal: New Job

Our girl is due 12/12/12. Holy crap. When did it get to be almost my due date?!

People ask: “So, are you ready?!”

My answer, (which I heard from a friend and now use as my own since it makes so much sense): “Not sure about being ready, but we are fully equipped to handle a baby. She’ll have diapers, a stroller, a safe place to ride in the car. I am only 100% ready in the context of feeling 100% unprepared.”

Babies are tiny for about 5 minutes, and I want to fully enjoy her. I’m taking maternity leave from roughly December 1- March 1. I am reachable by email, and will return your inquiries within 72 hours, though it may be typed one handed at 2 in the morning.

Keep your eyes peeled- she will be making her big debut on this blog in a month or so 🙂



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