Personal: A day in the life of Noelle // 6 Months // Lifestyle Baby // Seattle, WA

Noelle6Months-15 Noelle6Months-11

Noelle6Months-5 Noelle6Months-3 Noelle6Months-9 Noelle6Months-10 Noelle6Months-12 Noelle6Months-8

Bonus points if you can guess what’s going on in the photo above. Hint: look below for the result of above.


Noelle6Months-17 Noelle6Months-16 Noelle6Months-18 Noelle6Months-19 Noelle6Months-20 Noelle6Months-22 Noelle6Months-25 Noelle6Months-24 Noelle6Months-23 Noelle6Months-27 Noelle6Months-28 Noelle6Months-30Today I took some photos of daily life with Noelle. No fancy outfits, no posing, nothing other than my camera and her sweet little face. There were a few things I wasn’t able to photograph, and a few missing activities, but I’d say this is a pretty accurate, though small, peek into her daily life (and mine).

She is: curious, easily entertained, happy, rocking the mullet, a morning girl joy-bringer, a great traveler, her own little person.

She loves: being read to, outside, wind in her face, her hands and feet, pictures of her mom and dad, squeaky toys, food, our cat and dog, and new people (let’s hope that lasts!)

We love: being her parents, watching her grow, and growing together because of her. She is just the best.

Happy 6 months, Noelley-Pie!



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