Newborn: Rowan // Kirkland, WA // Seattle, WA

7-7-13 Rowan_Newborn-8 7-7-13 Rowan_Newborn-21 7-7-13 Rowan_Newborn-4 7-7-13 Rowan_Newborn-33 7-7-13 Rowan_Newborn-31 7-7-13 Rowan_Newborn-23 7-7-13 Rowan_Newborn-35 7-7-13 Rowan_Newborn-36 7-7-13 Rowan_Newborn-45 7-7-13 Rowan_Newborn-41 7-7-13 Rowan_Newborn-52 7-7-13 Rowan_Newborn-58 7-7-13 Rowan_Newborn-59 7-7-13 Rowan_Newborn-60 7-7-13 Rowan_Newborn-94 7-7-13 Rowan_Newborn-67 7-7-13 Rowan_Newborn-68 7-7-13 Rowan_Newborn-89

“A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for.” —unknown.

Welcome, baby Rowan! Please tell your folks a huge THANK YOU for letting me into your home to document your early days. You are one lucky kid to be born into this family! Your big sister will get used to you eventually, I promise 🙂 


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