Family: Clare’s Fan Club // Seattle, WA

7-13-13 Clare+FanClub-24 7-13-13 Clare+FanClub-26

Clare with her Great-Grandpa.
7-13-13 Clare+FanClub-19 7-13-13 Clare+FanClub-20 7-13-13 Clare+FanClub-10 7-13-13 Clare+FanClub-34

Below, Clare’s grandpa sings her a lullaby.7-13-13 Clare+FanClub-447-13-13 Clare+FanClub-53 7-13-13 Clare+FanClub-23 7-13-13 Clare+FanClub-50 7-13-13 Clare+FanClub-51 7-13-13 Clare+FanClub-57

Sometimes you just need snuggles with your mom and a snack.7-13-13 Clare+FanClub-69 7-13-13 Clare+FanClub-74 7-13-13 Clare+FanClub-77 7-13-13 Clare+FanClub-79 7-13-13 Clare+FanClub-81 7-13-13 Clare+FanClub-82A toast to Family, of course!

Cheers (and thank you) to Emi for organizing our wonderful afternoon with your family!


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