Seniors: Shea // Seattle, WA

SheaLSenior2013-5 SheaLSenior2013-9 SheaLSenior2013-12 SheaLSenior2013-16 SheaLSenior2013-19 SheaLSenior2013-27 SheaLSenior2013-28 SheaLSenior2013-29 SheaLSenior2013-38 SheaLSenior2013-40 SheaLSenior2013-44 SheaLSenior2013-52 SheaLSenior2013-57 SheaLSenior2013-61 SheaLSenior2013-63 SheaLSenior2013-66 SheaLSenior2013-68 SheaLSenior2013-69 SheaLSenior2013-75

Singing. Coca-Cola. Snapchat. Singing some more. These are a few of her favorite things…

Off to Utah in a few days, she will thrive with her winning combo of old soul and goofy nature.

Thank you, Shea, for trusting me with your senior photo shoot. Congratulations on your next step!


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