Lifestyle Family: Kylie Turns One // Seattle, WA // Portland, OR

8-10-13 DaslerFam-1 8-10-13 DaslerFam-2 8-10-13 DaslerFam-4 8-10-13 DaslerFam-6 8-10-13 DaslerFam-11 8-10-13 DaslerFam-12 8-10-13 DaslerFam-13 8-10-13 DaslerFam-17 8-10-13 DaslerFam-18 8-10-13 DaslerFam-20 8-10-13 DaslerFam-21 8-10-13 DaslerFam-24 8-10-13 DaslerFam-25 8-10-13 DaslerFam-34 8-10-13 DaslerFam-36One year full of joy has passed since Kylie was born. We met at 8 AM on a Saturday morning (killer light), and Kylie couldn’t have been happier. What a hilarious girl!

Kylie brought such joy to my morning- thank you, Tera and Nathan, for sharing your precious girl with me.

Happy First Birthday, Kylie Boo!


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