Lifestyle Kids: S + S // Lowman Beach Park // West Seattle, WA

8-21-13 Woodrome Kids-10 8-21-13 Woodrome Kids-9 8-21-13 Woodrome Kids-23 8-21-13 Woodrome Kids-7 8-21-13 Woodrome Kids-2 8-21-13 Woodrome Kids-6 8-21-13 Woodrome Kids-11 8-21-13 Woodrome Kids-13 8-21-13 Woodrome Kids-14 8-21-13 Woodrome Kids-15 8-21-13 Woodrome Kids-16 8-21-13 Woodrome Kids-18 8-21-13 Woodrome Kids-20 8-21-13 Woodrome Kids-19 8-21-13 Woodrome Kids-24During this shoot, there was minimal “sitting still time”, because that is not, generally speaking, what kids do well. Kids do imagine and play well, so that is how we spent our time. Kids love forts, sticks, Ring-Around-The-Rosy, swings, learning new handshakes courtesy of yours truly, and getting their feet wet in the ocean. So that is what we did on this shoot. Thank you, Shana and Joshua, for being on board with making it more of a playdate than a photo shoot. I hope you had as much fun as I did!


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