Family: The Englunds // Mini-Shoot // Portland, OR www.sonjahunt.comThese are the Englunds. Infectious joy and love of life overflows from this family, in case you couldn’t tell from the goofy photos 🙂 This is not them on their “best behavior” or in a “happy mood”. This was a random 10 minute photo shoot in my parents backyard after we had brunch. 

Amanda and my grandparents were best friends and raised their children (Amanda’s Mom and my Dad) in Troutdale, where I was born and raised. Mandy and I joke that we’ve known each other for -70 years or something crazy like that. To say that Mandy and John are just friends of mine is a huge, huge understatement- they are my family. It has been remarkable watching their own little family grow.  Blake and Andrew, you guys are so blessed to have such loving, giving, adventurous and fun-loving parents. 

What a gift to love and be loved by these people!


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