Newborn: Baby Izzy // West Seattle // Lifestyle Mini-Session

Titus and Dakota were Missy and Jimmy’s babies. Until Izzy came along, that is.10-4-13 Stark Family-2 10-4-13 Stark Family-5 10-4-13 Stark Family-6 10-4-13 Stark Family-15 10-4-13 Stark Family-14 10-4-13 Stark Family-12 10-4-13 Stark Family-9 10-4-13 Stark Family-18Missy and Jimmy are friends of mine. I gotta say that until I had my own baby girl, I wasn’t that much of a baby person. They freaked me out. Now when my friends have babies I pretty much want to steal them. Baby Izzy is no exception! She was born a bit early so she is EXTRA tiny and cute. Like most new babies, she smiles when she farts and is particular about certain things. Watching Jimmy and Missy love and care for her is so much fun- I feel like I get to see this whole other side of my friends. Highly entertaining and endearing. Jimmy and Missy, you guys are doing a great job. I know you haven’t slept in what seems like forever. Just remember it’s temporary, it goes WAY too fast, and before you know it Izzy will be chasing Titus and Dakota and getting into all kinds of trouble. Congratulations on your first (human) baby!


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  1. These pictures are just wonderful!!! You just captured the love they have for the baby, the dogs and most of all for eachother. Well done!!!!!!

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