Family: Avery is 1// Lifestyle Mini Session

10-4-13 Murfitt Family-2 10-4-13 Murfitt Family-3 10-4-13 Murfitt Family-4 10-4-13 Murfitt Family-5 10-4-13 Murfitt Family-6 10-4-13 Murfitt Family-7 10-4-13 Murfitt Family-8 10-4-13 Murfitt Family-9 10-4-13 Murfitt Family-11 10-4-13 Murfitt Family-24 10-4-13 Murfitt Family-12 10-4-13 Murfitt Family-16

Oh my gosh. Baby kisses are the best. 10-4-13 Murfitt Family-17

This year has flown by. Kelsey and my husband are cousins and throughout this year we have gotten our babies together as much as we can. I have learned a lot from this awesome mama and have SO enjoyed getting to know Avery at least a little bit! We walked to this quiet and AWESOME park in Queen Anne where Kelsey, Zane and Avery hang out regularly. These are my favorite shoots- just enjoying a relaxed family who is doing what they do. Nothing too out of the ordinary (except maybe a teensy bit of outfit coordination…do you SEE those yellow leggings and boots Avery is wearing?! I just about died of cuteness when I saw them).  Anyway, these guys rock. I am blessed to know them and call them family. Happy First Birthday, Miss Avery Lynn!


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