Family: The Parkers // Lincoln Park // West Seattle

10-5-13 Parker Family-9 10-5-13 Parker Family-16 10-5-13 Parker Family-17 10-5-13 Parker Family-5 10-5-13 Parker Family-6 10-5-13 Parker Family-12 10-5-13 Parker Family-14 10-5-13 Parker Family-21 10-5-13 Parker Family-22 10-5-13 Parker Family-3Baby Preston,

Your parents are hilarious. I know that means nothing to you right now. As you get older, you will realize that it says a lot about a person when they are able to keep their senses of humor (and sanity) during the first year of their child’s life. Your parents have done an excellent job at this.

Thanks for the joy you bring to so many lives!


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