Lifestyle Family: The Rusts // West Seattle, WA

This is how our shoot ended.

10-6-13 Rust Family-40

And this is how it started. 10-6-13 Rust Family-2 10-6-13 Rust Family-3 10-6-13 Rust Family-4 10-6-13 Rust Family-1 10-6-13 Rust Family-8 10-6-13 Rust Family-11 10-6-13 Rust Family-13 10-6-13 Rust Family-16 10-6-13 Rust Family-27 10-6-13 Rust Family-9 10-6-13 Rust Family-23 10-6-13 Rust Family-22 10-6-13 Rust Family-21 10-6-13 Rust Family-34 10-6-13 Rust Family-32 10-6-13 Rust Family-30 10-6-13 Rust Family-31 10-6-13 Rust Family-36I have to hand it to Luke and Katie. They have 4 children under the age of 6, and they make it look easy AND fun. As soon as the kids hopped out of the car, Kay (the oldest) approached me and asked me to read her Princess book when we were done. Noah (age 4) wasn’t far behind showing off his toy plane. Marae was ready with a thumbs up and baby Adam was literally ALWAYS smiling. Turns out my biggest challenge was not crowd management, but making sure I could move fast enough to keep up with these 4 delightful whippersnappers!


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