Lifestyle Maternity: Triplet Boys // West Seattle, WA // Mini-Session

Ryder the Dog, Eric and Noele- thank you for the opportunity to photograph you guys and the TRIPLET BOYS Noele is growing in her belly!! Nice work, mama. You make it look good.

10-5-13 Noelle Weed Maternity-4 10-5-13 Noelle Weed Maternity-20 10-5-13 Noelle Weed Maternity-7 10-5-13 Noelle Weed Maternity-8 10-5-13 Noelle Weed Maternity-19 10-5-13 Noelle Weed Maternity-23It all starts with the belly, then newborn, 3/6/9/12 months. There is nothing quite like your first year as a parent- it rocks you, changes you, makes you better, makes you crazy, brings SO MUCH JOY! Contact me, I would love to create a customized Maternity/Baby’s First Year Package for you!


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