Lifestyle Family/Pet: Noelle, Brian and the Beasts

12-15-13 Noelle+Brian-48 12-15-13 Noelle+Brian-49 12-15-13 Noelle+Brian-8 12-15-13 Noelle+Brian-10 12-15-13 Noelle+Brian-3 12-15-13 Noelle+Brian-12 12-15-13 Noelle+Brian-14 12-15-13 Noelle+Brian-19 12-15-13 Noelle+Brian-57 12-15-13 Noelle+Brian-23 12-15-13 Noelle+Brian-25 12-15-13 Noelle+Brian-34 12-15-13 Noelle+Brian-35

12-15-13 Noelle+Brian-41 12-15-13 Noelle+Brian-42 12-15-13 Noelle+Brian-46 12-15-13 Noelle+Brian-51 12-15-13 Noelle+Brian-52Given that the Super Bowl is this weekend (GO SEAHAWKS!), I thought a little “Beast Mode” on my blog was a good idea! Noelle and Brian are the proud parents of Dora and Manchester (Manny), the beautiful Mastiffs pictured above. These little puppies are so, so beautiful in person. They move like Lions (Noelle’s words)- somehow lumbering and swaying so gracefully that you forget that they are over 200 pounds apiece, until you see the incredulous looks from people noticing them for the first time.  They make quite an impression.

Noelle, the sassy blonde in red pictured above, made quite an impression on me the first time I met her, which was 6ish years ago.  Noelle, who is an OT, owns her own therapy contracting company , and I met her when she came to fill in at our building. She bounced, full of joy and light, into the facility where I was working as a PT Assistant, and I decided that she was the kind of therapist I wanted to be- an excellent clinician, driven, passionate, and concerned above all else with providing her patients/clients with the best customer service. She never seemed to forget why she was there each day- for her clients. This made an impression on me which has lasted to this day, and has certainly influenced how I run my little business. 

Noelle and Brian, thanks for being passionate, loving, hardworking, good people. Who you are matters, and does not go unnoticed- unlike your giant beasts 🙂


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  1. Aw! So beautifully stated and whimsical too! Somehow Sonja makes all that slobber and nerve-racking potential disappear with her fun-loving attitude, ease in transitioning from one area/shot to the next and just making the whole experience enjoyable! I’m honored to have been an influence somehow. I always believe that your life is a mirror image of you. Sonja, you attract and eminate who you are…pure joy and heart! I wish you the best in your already successful career as a photographer!
    Go Hawks!! 😉

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