Baby Noah: 6 Months // Bothell Landing Park // Seattle, WA

1-4-14 Noah 6 Month-3 1-4-14 Noah 6 Month-12 1-4-14 Noah 6 Month-9 1-4-14 Noah 6 Month-21 1-4-14 Noah 6 Month-23 1-4-14 Noah 6 Month-26 1-4-14 Noah 6 Month-29 1-4-14 Noah 6 Month-32 1-4-14 Noah 6 Month-39 1-4-14 Noah 6 Month-42 1-4-14 Noah 6 Month-43 1-4-14 Noah 6 Month-45 1-4-14 Noah 6 Month-49 1-4-14 Noah 6 Month-51 1-4-14 Noah 6 Month-55Kate and Sam are so in love with this little guy. He is one lucky fella. They are lucky too- he is an awesome baby. Noah fell asleep during our shoot. No disappointment here- he was so sweet and his parents were not sad about the extra baby snuggles! I am so looking forward to seeing them in April for Noah’s 9 Month photos. 

I am always so stoked when people book the baby’s first year photo package. I love being able to spend enough time to really get to know a baby and their parents. It’s one of my favorite parts of my job. Also, having recently experienced my baby’s first year, I know firsthand how quickly babies change, how fast it goes…and how much I value (and cry over) the photos of my own baby’s first year.

Email me if you want more details. I am only taking 2-3 shoots per month these days, so book soon!


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