Lifestyle Family: Cool Beans // Maple Valley, WA // Seattle, WA

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What is that bright yellow and green object in Roxy’s hand, you ask? Well. It is one of her maracas. Though you could hardly tell, since she’s such a happy and laid back little tot, Roxy was getting a tooth or two and hadn’t napped well that day. So we rolled with it. The maraca made her happy, so we let her have it. Emmy and Josh were so awesome about this- they recognize that this is Roxy today. So rather than worry about the “perfect photo” being ruined by a toy, they just laughed it off and focused on the good stuff- playing with their daughter and giving me a tour of their horse farm.  As a result, I think the photos turned out pretty good- natural, sincere, and a true snapshot into their daily life with their no-longer-baby girl.

It wasn’t all fun and games though. One not-so-pleasant result of the presence of Roxy’s maraca? Poor Emmy and Josh had to be subjected to me singing “La Cucaracha” more in one hour than anyone should in their entire life. Sorry, friends! Anyway, thanks a bunch for having us out to Cool Beans Ranch!


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