Lifestyle Family: Cousins // High Point Mini-Session // West Seattle, WA //

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These four cousins are an absolute HOOT! Polite, spirited, mischevious, playful and kind. Good, good boys. I showed up and, one by one, they ran downstairs in their uh-dorable matching Easter outfits and perfectly coiffed hair, introduced themselves, and showed me their new lego toys. I knew pretty much right away that they had tons of energy, so we played Red Light/Green Light, tag, chase, etc. I even brought Walter the Farting Dog with me. It always makes me laugh, so I figured it could appeal to these boys as well! I love these kinds of sessions, where I get to just see and try to bring out the personalities in these kids. Sure, they might get a little dirty. Sure, their hair may be crazy by the end. But the result? Natural, real, authentic pics of who these little boys are at this moment in time.

I would love to facilitate a playdate with your family ( and take some pics while I’m at it)! I’m taking a select amount of sessions this spring and summer. Get your session scheduled now, it’s filling up already!


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