Personal: Noelle // 14-16 Months

I can’t believe how big our girl is getting, and how much busier! I started preparing this post about 6 weeks ago and am JUST NOW able to post. The blog isn’t perfect, the photos aren’t perfect, but I think she is 🙂

Here are a few things she’s been up to the past few months, starting with Whistler, BC. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you will note that we went to Whistler last year with these same folks! Noelle and Jackson have since seen each other once a week this past year. Fun times for all of All done napping, mama!  3-30-14 Noelle March Misc-2 3-30-14 Noelle March Misc-5 3-30-14 Noelle March Misc-6 3-30-14 Noelle March Misc-7 3-30-14 Noelle March Misc-9 Playing with Daddy’s watch3-30-14 Noelle March Misc-11 3-30-14 Noelle March Misc-14 Sunny afternoon in Olympic Sculpture Park3-30-14 Noelle March Misc-16 3-30-14 Noelle March Misc-18 3-30-14 Noelle March Misc-24 3-30-14 Noelle March Misc-25 3-30-14 Noelle March Misc-29 3-30-14 Noelle March Misc-30 Around 14 months she started loving her “baby” 3-30-14 Noelle March Misc-33 Grandma and Grandpa visit from Portland. She loves Grandpa’s beard! (and shoes…see below)3-30-14 Noelle March Misc-35 3-30-14 Noelle March Misc-36 3-30-14 Noelle March Misc-39 3-30-14 Noelle March Misc-42 3-30-14 Noelle March Misc-44 Taking a little break from playing 3-30-14 Noelle March Misc-49 Me: What does a dolphin say, Noelle? N: Eeee-Eeee-eeee! Me: What does a sheep say, Noelle? N: Ba-ba-ba-ba (in a bored manner) Me: What does a lion say, Noelle? N: (see below for Rawr Rawr) 3-30-14 Noelle March Misc-50 3-30-14 Noelle March Misc-51 3-30-14 Noelle March Misc-52 We play with our pals Magdalena and Emma (below) at least once a week. They live right behind us. Emma is 6 months older, but they are the same height. 3-30-14 Noelle March Misc-54 3-30-14 Noelle March Misc-56 3-30-14 Noelle March Misc-58 3-30-14 Noelle March Misc-62 See that big molar about to come through? Not one of our favorite parts of the 14-16 month development. My poor sweetie pie!3-30-14 Noelle March Misc-65 3-30-14 Noelle March Misc-66 3-30-14 Noelle March Misc-67 Kisses and hugs were her favorite thing for a few months. Daddy’s favorite thing, too 🙂 3-30-14 Noelle March Misc-70 3-30-14 Noelle March Misc-71Staying with Susie in Kitty Hawk, NC. I took hardly any photos, but I did get a few on the beach4-8-14 Kitty Hawk--Easter--Misc-5 4-8-14 Kitty Hawk--Easter--Misc-6 4-8-14 Kitty Hawk--Easter--Misc-12 4-8-14 Kitty Hawk--Easter--Misc-13 4-8-14 Kitty Hawk--Easter--Misc-19 4-8-14 Kitty Hawk--Easter--Misc-21 Auntie Lauren and Uncle Ryan aka The Kehns 4-8-14 Kitty Hawk--Easter--Misc-22 4-8-14 Kitty Hawk--Easter--Misc-25 4-8-14 Kitty Hawk--Easter--Misc-27 4-8-14 Kitty Hawk--Easter--Misc-28 Rowdy the Dog 4-8-14 Kitty Hawk--Easter--Misc-29 Happy Easter from Noellie Bunny!4-8-14 Kitty Hawk--Easter--Misc-32 4-8-14 Kitty Hawk--Easter--Misc-37 Typical daily walk down to our pond to see the baby ducks 4-8-14 Kitty Hawk--Easter--Misc-39 4-8-14 Kitty Hawk--Easter--Misc-47 4-8-14 Kitty Hawk--Easter--Misc-50 4-8-14 Kitty Hawk--Easter--Misc-63


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