Newborn: Brynn // Seattle, WA // Lifestyle Newborn Photography

This is Brynn’s big brother, Wade. While Brynn was busy with Mama, I got to spend some time watching this sweet little guy as he read books and wrestled with his Dad.

7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-2 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-4 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-6
7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-9

7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-7 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-11 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-13 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-14 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-21 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-26 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-27 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-29 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-31 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-36 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-40 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-42 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-45 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-47 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-48 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-53 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-54 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-58 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-59 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-66 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-70 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-74 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-84 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-85Oh, that sweet girl. I think the look on Mom and Dad’s face says it all- though she is so little and new, she is so very loved already.

Thank you, Krista and Tray, for letting me into your home during a deeply transitional time. I loved spending time with you and your precious children!




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