Newborn: Harrison // Seattle, WA // Lifestyle Newborn Photography

6-12-14 Harrison_Newborn-4 6-12-14 Harrison_Newborn-6 6-12-14 Harrison_Newborn-7 6-12-14 Harrison_Newborn-9 6-12-14 Harrison_Newborn-13 6-12-14 Harrison_Newborn-14 6-12-14 Harrison_Newborn-15 6-12-14 Harrison_Newborn-22 6-12-14 Harrison_Newborn-30 6-12-14 Harrison_Newborn-33 6-12-14 Harrison_Newborn-35 6-12-14 Harrison_Newborn-37 6-12-14 Harrison_Newborn-39 6-12-14 Harrison_Newborn-40 6-12-14 Harrison_Newborn-42 6-12-14 Harrison_Newborn-43 6-12-14 Harrison_Newborn-44 6-12-14 Harrison_Newborn-46 6-12-14 Harrison_Newborn-55 6-12-14 Harrison_Newborn-58 6-12-14 Harrison_Newborn-66 6-12-14 Harrison_Newborn-70 6-12-14 Harrison_Newborn-86 6-12-14 Harrison_Newborn-87 6-12-14 Harrison_Newborn-98 6-12-14 Harrison_Newborn-107 6-12-14 Harrison_Newborn-113 6-12-14 Harrison_Newborn-116I am honored when my treasured friends ask me to photograph their new babies- I never take the responsibility lightly, and appreciate that they trust me to document what I see. This shoot took place over a few hours in South Lake Union. While mama was feeding new baby, Daddy was reading to older brother (and Reeses the Yorkie). Baby Harrison was so great for the whole shoot. What a lucky boy to be born into this family!



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