Maternity + Newborn: Maya, Chris and Baby Mika // Seattle and Issaquah, WA

8-20-14 Maya + Chris Maternity-18-20-14 Maya + Chris Maternity-68-20-14 Maya + Chris Maternity-218-20-14 Maya + Chris Maternity-288-20-14 Maya + Chris Maternity-178-28-14 Mika_Newborn-68-28-14 Mika_Newborn-168-28-14 Mika_Newborn-478-28-14 Mika_Newborn-908-28-14 Mika_Newborn-868-28-14 Mika_Newborn-768-28-14 Mika_Newborn-698-28-14 Mika_Newborn-628-28-14 Mika_Newborn-598-28-14 Mika_Newborn-498-28-14 Mika_Newborn-488-28-14 Mika_Newborn-448-28-14 Mika_Newborn-378-28-14 Mika_Newborn-368-28-14 Mika_Newborn-278-28-14 Mika_Newborn-218-28-14 Mika_Newborn-118-28-14 Mika_Newborn-88-28-14 Mika_Newborn-38-28-14 Mika_Newborn-2This post is looooonnnggg overdue! I did Chris + Maya’s Maternity photos back in August. A few days later, baby Mika had arrived! Look out folks….apparently I get babies out 🙂 Only if you are as close to your due date as Maya was, ha! It was so crazy seeing them as a couple in love at their engagement session, then pregnant, and then finally photographing them a few days after their overnight transition to parenthood.

Mika was the sweetest, calmest newborn- she slept the entire time (we even had to wake her up- check out those beautiful eyes!) Mom and Dad are smitten. 

In May(ish), my husband and I will be welcoming another baby girl to our family. When I look at the sweet images of baby Mika and other babies I have recently photographed, it makes me really, super, crazy excited  to meet our new daughter. I am so grateful to be able to do this job I absolutely love. Shoot me an email if you’d like to schedule photos in the new few months before we transition to a family of 4 (holy cow, am I ready for this?!)

As always, thanks for checking out my blog!


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