Newborn: Baby Brynn + Family // Seattle, WA

7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-27 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-29 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-33 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-54 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-19 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-4 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-6 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-7 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-59 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-9 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-10 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-14 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-30 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-36 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-38 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-44 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-47 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-64 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-74 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-76 7-19-14 Brynn_Newborn-84


Brynn + Big brother’s parents are so, so kind…to the very core. You know when you meet people that have that deep, undeniable kindness and goodness? This family does. Lucky Brynn + big brother to be born into this family.

Quiet, serene, alert baby girl was offset by her energetic, sweet, bouncy (and adorable) Big Brother. I love, love love the diversity in emotion that is present when there is a newborn and toddler in the home. There is a calm, serene energy parents have when snuggling with their newborn that rapidly changes when a toddler enters the room. I love the diversity in mood this creates when I’m shooting a family- there can only be raw emotion, which I thrive on during shoots. Bring it all to me.

Thank you, Krista and Tray, for having me into your home to photograph your family!





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