Newborn: Baby Micah // Lifestyle Newborn Session // Kirkland, WA

It has been way too long since I blogged. YES, I am still working and YES I’ve been busy as a fool! But boy do I love my job.

Documenting kids and families is my jam. Connection, vulnerability, love, the silliness that children bring to life. I am incredibly grateful to be able to create lasting memories for my clients. I hope when they look back at these images, it immediately transports them to the smell of their baby’s head, the way your heart BOOM explodes when your older kiddos meet little brother for the first time. The laughter and joy (and occasional frustration, let’s be honest!) that comes from watching the crazy antics of your toddler middle child (see below).

Welcome, baby Micah. Thank you, Josh and Tennille for letting me into your home during the first weeks of your precious little man’s life.
7-2-15 Micah Blog-297-2-15 Micah Blog-17-2-15 Micah Blog-77-2-15 Micah Blog-57-2-15 Micah Blog-67-2-15 Micah Blog-47-2-15 Micah Blog-87-2-15 Micah Blog-97-2-15 Micah Blog-147-2-15 Micah Blog-127-2-15 Micah Blog-157-2-15 Micah Blog-197-2-15 Micah Blog-167-2-15 Micah Blog-257-2-15 Micah Blog-27-2-15 Micah Blog-177-2-15 Micah Blog-187-2-15 Micah Blog-207-2-15 Micah Blog-217-2-15 Micah Blog-17-2-15 Micah Blog-237-2-15 Micah Blog-227-2-15 Micah Blog-307-2-15 Micah Blog-327-2-15 Micah Blog-337-2-15 Micah Blog-347-2-15 Micah Blog-247-2-15 Micah Blog-287-2-15 Micah Blog-267-2-15 Micah Blog-13Currently booking for February and beyond! Shoot me a message and we’ll talk details. Thanks so much for reading!


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