Lifestyle Family: The B Family // Bothell, WA

1-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-11-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-51-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-71-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-191-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-231-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-91-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-321-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-371-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-411-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-481-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-521-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-581-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-661-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-721-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-741-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-761-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-801-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-911-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-951-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-991-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-981-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-1061-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-1071-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-1081-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-1151-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-1161-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-1171-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-1221-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-1291-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-1301-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-1311-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-1341-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-1351-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-1361-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-1471-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-1541-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-1511-30-16 Berkehiser Fam-141

The job of a child is to play. (See: Hadley twirling in a dress, and Henry playing with Mama’s face, above). I am so, so grateful to parents like Billy and Jacque, who recognize the value of documenting their child not only outside in our beautiful PNW, but also in their babies’  natural habitat-their home.

Already, my oldest daughter loves to snuggle in my lap and look through the photo books we have made of her daily life. (Thank you, Instagram and http://www.artifact!) She tells me about what she sees in the pictures-what she’s doing, who she’s playing with, what’s she’s eating, who loves her, who she loves, how much she loves playing babies or the park…etc. It is such a sense of security for a child, I think- knowing there is photographic proof that they are loved. 

Thank you, Billy and Jacque, for letting me into your life on a Saturday morning so I can document your family doing what you do on a daily basis (see Jacque holding baby + coffee, above. Right, moms?!) Thank you for being yourselves, recognizing that these photos are also for your kids, and not worrying about “the perfect photo”. You guys are why I love what I do!

Interested in a combo outdoor/in-home session? Shoot me an email– availability is limited these days. Booking for May + beyond!


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