Lifestyle Family // Izzy Turns 2 //West Seattle, WA

This little girl will be such a fabulous BIG SISTER! I predict many, many tea parties in your future, Missy and Jimmy. Congratulations!

10-21-15 Stark Family-710-21-15 Stark Family-1110-21-15 Stark Family-1610-21-15 Stark Family-1910-21-15 Stark Family-2010-21-15 Stark Family-2210-21-15 Stark Family-2710-21-15 Stark Family-2810-21-15 Stark Family-3010-21-15 Stark Family-3110-21-15 Stark Family-3410-21-15 Stark Family-3610-21-15 Stark Family-3810-21-15 Stark Family-4410-21-15 Stark Family-4510-21-15 Stark Family-63

The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout…

10-21-15 Stark Family-70

…and turned into a little teapot

10-21-15 Stark Family-7310-21-15 Stark Family-99.jpg

When you turn two, you learn how to put your hands on your hips. Duh.

10-21-15 Stark Family-96

10-21-15 Stark Family-7710-21-15 Stark Family-102



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