Personal: Noelle + Cora // Snoqualmie, WA

Tea parties happen frequently in our house, and we always use the “good” china 🙂

Noelle: 3 Years 2 Months2-23-16 Cora + Noelle Blog-102-23-16 Cora + Noelle Blog-132-23-16 Cora + Noelle Blog-152-23-16 Cora + Noelle Blog-162-23-16 Cora + Noelle Blog-182-23-16 Cora + Noelle Blog-192-23-16 Cora + Noelle Blog-202-23-16 Cora + Noelle Blog-222-23-16 Cora + Noelle Blog-242-23-16 Cora + Noelle Blog-252-23-16 Cora + Noelle Blog-272-23-16 Cora + Noelle Blog-302-23-16 Cora + Noelle Blog-312-23-16 Cora + Noelle Blog-332-23-16 Cora + Noelle Blog-362-23-16 Cora + Noelle Blog-392-23-16 Cora + Noelle Blog-402-23-16 Cora + Noelle Blog-442-23-16 Cora + Noelle Blog-45


Baby sister wakes up from nap, and Noelle LOVES to go see her right away!

Cora: 9 Months2-23-16 Cora + Noelle Blog-472-23-16 Cora + Noelle Blog-502-23-16 Cora + Noelle Blog-532-23-16 Cora + Noelle Blog-582-23-16 Cora + Noelle Blog-642-23-16 Cora + Noelle Blog-652-23-16 Cora + Noelle Blog-662-23-16 Cora + Noelle Blog-722-23-16 Cora + Noelle Blog-742-23-16 Cora + Noelle Blog-812-23-16 Cora + Noelle Blog-852-23-16 Cora + Noelle Blog-86These two will be BIG SISTERS in October, which explains my blog silence. I’m about 17 weeks and feeling much better (though still pretty tired considering I’m chasing after these two!) We find out the new baby’s gender on June 9th, and we all are pretty excited.

In terms of work, I’m booking up pretty quickly and only have a few slots left between now and mid-September. I will be off work between mid-September and January, but am kicking around the idea of doing a mini-session extravaganza in September…any takers? If so, please shoot me an email at: If I get enough interest, we will put it on the calendar!


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