Lifestyle Family: The E Family // Johnson City, TN // Snoqualmie, WA

Amelia has been my best friend for 16 years. She is married to the love of her life, Chris, who I now also call friend. Together, they have these 2 precious redheads.

I hope these photos do justice to this family who is so full of love, humor, and steadfast commitment- to each other, their community, and their pursuit of right living.

Interested in lifestyle/documentary photos of your precious people? Shoot me an email! Spots are filling up- only a few left until the end of the year.

8-4-17 Eger Family Blog-368-4-17 Eger Family Blog-358-4-17 Eger Family Blog-348-4-17 Eger Family Blog-338-4-17 Eger Family Blog-328-4-17 Eger Family Blog-318-4-17 Eger Family Blog-288-4-17 Eger Family Blog-278-4-17 Eger Family Blog-268-4-17 Eger Family Blog-238-4-17 Eger Family Blog-228-4-17 Eger Family Blog-218-4-17 Eger Family Blog-208-4-17 Eger Family Blog-198-4-17 Eger Family Blog-188-4-17 Eger Family Blog-178-4-17 Eger Family Blog-168-4-17 Eger Family Blog-158-4-17 Eger Family Blog-148-4-17 Eger Family Blog-138-4-17 Eger Family Blog-12

8-4-17 Eger Family Blog-118-4-17 Eger Family Blog-10

We love you too, G!

8-4-17 Eger Family Blog-98-4-17 Eger Family Blog-88-4-17 Eger Family Blog-78-4-17 Eger Family Blog-68-4-17 Eger Family Blog-58-4-17 Eger Family Blog-3Right after she put her box of “groceries” on his head. 8-4-17 Eger Family Blog-28-4-17 Eger Family Blog-1I hope you enjoyed this lovely family!




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