My Philosophy

Photo by Jeanna Rice Photography

Please share and enjoy, but refrain from editing or cropping. Thanks so much!


by birth a casual small town girl who appreciates the simple things. I have been described by my friends as warm, easily entertained, an old soul, silly, motivated, and authentic. I love my job(s) as photographer, wife, mom.  I enjoy skiing (fast), golf, hiking, traveling, and eating. My love for butter knows no bounds.  


is what I capture.  The messed up hair, scrunchy eyed-laugh, toddler tantrum, gentle forehead kiss, grumpy face, tripping over your own feet, snorting when you laugh (ok, maybe that’s just me). The unique way you live and love makes me feel alive, and is my favorite thing to document as a photographer. I thrive on lifestyle sessions— the flow, the natural feel, the candid interactions between spouses, babies and mamas, a toddler and his dog. Bring it all this direction.


there are a few important things you should know. First- BE REAL. Be yourself. Second- I always want you to wear your favorite jeans vs. new dress. Bring your kids’ favorite toys (no matter how ratty), and please do not worry about the wind messing up your hair. It is beautiful just the way it is.

Thanks for checking me out, and I hope to  meet you soon!


Phone        541-521-0867


Instagram: @sonjahuntphotos




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